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The Purr-fect Paw is an Insured and Bonded pet sitting company. What this means is that we take responsibility for your pets and possessions when you put them in their care. This means that your property and your pets are fully covered, should anything occur on our sitter’s watch. We have taken very careful measures to make sure our sitters, your homes, and the pets we care for are safe, sound, and protected.

Understanding Pet Insurance

Care, Custody, and Control (CCC) Coverage is the key factor to ensuring we’re properly covered. This provides coverage for the client’s pets and personal property in your care, custody or control, which includes pets while in transport in a vehicle, pet taxi and other means. Veterinary medical expenses are also a part of the CCC Coverage and the policy pays claims regardless of the negligence/fault for accident injuries pets. protects you from damages or acts of theft in your home committed by The Purr-fect Paw. The main reason why we carry Bonding insurance is to give you a peace of mind. We take our services very seriously, and can ensure that our insurance coverage is more than sufficient to cover damages, accidents, or injuries to your pets and property.

Pet Sitting Insurance Claims

The following data is provided by Pet Sitters International and will give you an eye-opening look at how expensive (and unexpected) accidents or injuries to pets and people can be. Imagine if any of the following happened while your neighbor or relative were caring for your pets and property:

  1. A pet sitter was walking three dogs. One of the dogs spotted a cat sitting under a bush next to the sidewalk. The dog lunged and caught the cat’s back leg. The cat was taken to the vet to be treated. Total Paid $1,250.
  2. While on a walk with a client’s dogs, a pet sitter walked over to a fence to look at a horse. The horse became startled because of the dogs and turned to run away. In doing so, the horse stepped on the dog’s paw. The injury required surgery. Total Paid $4,641.
  3. While on a walk with an insured pet sitter, a client’s dog drank water that was contaminated and became very sick. Total Paid $3,187.
  4. A pet sitter left a client’s puppy out of its crate between visits. While out, the puppy ingested hand warmers and required veterinary care. Total Paid $5,034.
  5. A pet sitter placed dogs in the client’s garage to keep warm, where the dog ingested anti-freeze. Total Paid $3,024.
  6. A client’s dog became startled by a loud noise while on a walk with the pet sitter. The dog escaped from its collar and was hit by a car. Total Paid $2,487.
  7. A dog swallowed a sock while in the pet sitter’s care and required surgery. Total Paid $2,448.
  8. Pet Sitter was placing a dog in a crate and in process the dog broke its tooth. Total Paid $3,495.


Hopefully this has clarified how pet sitter insurance and bonding works and how we take that extra step to protect your home, property, and pets. You can view our current Insured and Bonded certificate below. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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