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Will I have the same sitter?

We definitely prefer to have the same sitter visiting your pets! However, depending on your pet care needs it is possible that 2 or more sitters will be needed. Each sitter that visits your pet(s) will have access to your pet care instructions, that way your pet(s) get the same loving care every time!

How can I trust your sitters?

Our top priority is the safety and security of our clients, their pets and their property. That’s why every sitter is background checked, insured and bonded. Our sitters also must become a Certified Pet Sitter for The Purr-fect Paw before ever caring for your pets.

What does being a Certified Pet Sitter mean?

Our Certified Pet Sitter program is our custom staff training course. This allows our sitters to better understand the pet behavior and how to practice proper safety. Our sitters also study our Pet Care Manual that covers everything they need to know about becoming a professional pet sitter and dog walker. To top things off, everyone is also Certified in Pet First Aid!

How do I know your sitters are actually showing up?

We use a software which allows our sitters to scan in with our app once they arrive at your home. Upon the departure of every appointment, you’ll receive an email/text with a detailed report of the visit, lots of pet photos and much more!

My pets require shots/medicine, can I still use your service?

Yes, our sitters can administer almost any kind of medication as long as the pets are willing to take it. If you feel that your pet may be resilient (hiding, biting, scratching, spitting it out) to take its medication from multiple people then please let us know so we can suggest an alternative solution.

What if my dog is shy and doesn't react well with strangers?

Our sitters are really good with dogs and understand body language. However, we cannot take on aggressive or extremely skittish dogs. We don’t want anyone to get hurt or your dog to be placed under unnecessary stress. You can schedule a FREE consultation which will allow us to better understand the situation.

What happens in case of an emergency?

Emergencies are very rare, however in case there is one, we will contact you right away. If we can’t get a hold of you then we will take the necessary steps to ensure your pets or home are safe. Unless we are liable for the incident, you will be responsible for any costs related to the emergency.

How will the sitters access my home?

At the initial consultation, you will have the option to purchase a lockbox from us for $15 or supply your own. On your departure date, you’ll leave the lockbox at the location of your choice and assign a 4 digit combination. If you have a garage keypad or a door keypad then no lockbox is necessary. We do NOT accept garage openers nor do we hold your keys in our office.

Is there an extra charge for multiple pets?

We will NEVER charge you more for having multiple pets! We only charge for the amount of time our sitters spend taking care of your furry family. During the initial consultation, we will discuss whether the 30, 45 or 60-minute option is best suited for your pets.

What happens if I live outside the service area?

There is a Gas Surcharge of $1 per mile if you live outside our service area. This goes 100% to the sitter for the extra drive time and gas it takes to travel to your home. We cannot provide service If you live more than 5 miles outside our service area.

Do you charge extra for holidays?

Yes, there is a $5 surcharge per visit on all major holidays including New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day. This goes 100% to our sitters for spending time away from their friends and family during the Holidays.

How do I pay for services?

You can make a payment directly to your account with any major credit card. Once payment is received your payment information will be saved and all future invoices can be automatically paid. Your invoice must be paid prior to the first day of service.

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