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Waco, TX

Join Our Waco Team!

Become apart of The Purr-fect Paw team and do what you love every day! You’ll spend your time walking, playing and caring for pets on their own schedule, it hardly seems like work! You’ll be spending your days loving up – and being loved up – with your favorite pets!

Do you love animals big and small?
Are you tired of working in a fur-free environment?

We are looking for part-time sitters to serve in the Waco area. Please refer to our photo that shows the map of our service area to ensure you reside within the boundary. Because we reimburse your mileage, you MUST reside in our service area to work here.

The Purr-fect Paw is an established and well-loved pet sitting & dog walking and company seeking exceptional sitters to add to our amazing staff! Our goal is to provide gentle, loving care to pets while allowing their owners peace of mind through reliability, attention to detail, and communication.

Why join The Purr-fect Paw team?
Because you deserve to work at a job that you are passionate! Our goal is to take care of our staff, so they take care of our clients and their pets.

Your Success is Our Success:

  • We train each of our sitters and offer ongoing training.
  • We work as a team, so we have your back when ‘life happens.’
  • A manager is always on duty to offer support for questions or problems.
  • We are bonded and insured to protect our clients AND our employees.

What Our Pet Sitters Do:
They take care of our client’s pets and homes, typically within a 5-10 miles radius to minimize drive time.
A typical day may include things like:

  • Feeding, watering, and interacting with fuzzy, furry, slobbery pets.
  • Scooping litter and cleaning up the occasional potty accident or hairball.
  • Walking Dogs (even the rare cat!) – will help you get in your 10,000 steps a day in the happiest way!
  • Occasionally administering medications to dogs and cats.
  • Checking on the overall status of a client’s home and possibly watering some plants.
  • Communicate with the office staff, other pet sitters, and clients throughout the day via phone, text, and email.


  • Have experience with and genuinely LOVE animals.
  • Have high integrity and character, a person who does not cut corners.
  • Live in or near the areas we serve.
  • Can be available to work all or some significant holidays and the days surrounding them. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but we are busiest during these times, please consider this when applying.
  • Are comfortable entering all types of client homes and visiting with their pets of all varieties, shapes, and sizes.
  • Don’t mind getting your hands dirty: pets are messy, and scooping litter and picking up poo, and cleaning up after them is part of the job!
  • Communicate well – consistent communication is crucial!
  • Are reliable, dependable, detail-oriented, and have a strong work ethic.
  • Enjoys working independently, but can also follow directions and be a team player when needed.
  • Be capable of walking/handling all types of dogs (large and small), and caring for cats, and other household pets.
  • OK with potentially driving to multiple visits per day, walking a lot, climbing stairs, and working in inclement weather.
  • Have 24/7 access to a reliable car, hold a valid driver’s license, and have proof of current insurance.
  • Have a smartphone and some level of computer and smartphone skills. Daily access to a computer with the internet.
  • Are 18+ and willing to submit to a criminal background check.
  • Because we strive to create consistent bonds and relationships between our sitters, our human clients, and their pets, we do ask for at least a six-month commitment (ideally one year, and we’d love it if you stayed for ten!).
  • This job is NOT for you if you already know you have significant time restraints or an unpredictable schedule that causes you to give up your pet visits often.
  • This job is meant to provide supplementary income. Hours highly depend on your availability and how busy we are.

Compensation & Perks:

You are paid per visit and .25 cents per mile.
15 Minute Visit – $6
30 Minute Visit – $8
45 Minute Visit – $10

Here is an example of what a 2-hour work here would look like.
Drive 5 miles to SIT A > Complete the 30-minute sit
Drive 5 miles to SIT B > Complete the 30-minute sit
Drive 5 miles to SIT C > Complete the 30-minute sit
Drive 5 miles to HOME

In the example above, you would be paid for three 30-minute visits at $8 each.
You’ll be reimbursed for the 20 miles driven at 0.20 cents per mile
3 sits x $8 = $24
20 miles X $0.25 = $5
Total – $29 for two hours of work or $14.50 an hour, before tips!

  • A lot of our clients are generous tippers. Anywhere between 5%-20% of your paystub can be in just tips.
  • All of your gas reimbursement is TAX-FREE!
  • $5 extra per visit on all holidays
  • $5 extra per visit for next-day request (When a client schedules last minute and you accept to take it)
  • $10 extra per visit for same-day request (When a client schedules last minute and you accept to take it)
  • You’ll also receive a 50% discount when you use our services.
  • BONUS: All the slobbery kisses, head butts, nose boops, cuddles, and purrs you can handle!

Pay Raises

You will receive 4 separate raises within your first year. After that, the only other raise would be a promotion to Team Leader.

First Raise – 1 month
Complete the training course we provide and get a $50 bonus and increase your pay per visit by 0.50 cents

Second Raise – 2 to 6 months
Increase your pay per visit by 0.50 cents

Third Raise – 6 to 9 months
Increase your pay per visit by 0.50 cents

Forth Raise – 1 Year
Increase your pay per visit by 0.50 cents & increase gas reimbursement to 0.30 cents per mile.

Right now we are in high demand for sitters who can work weekends, Thanksgiving & Christmas

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