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Your dog walker has been keeping secrets from you! Don’t panic, none of these items are too serious and your pooch is perfectly fine. We just thought it is time for you to know exactly what they’ve been hiding!

1) We’ll do it for free
The person who walks your dog has bills to pay and so they are paid for walks, pet sitting, etc. But the truth of the matter is that, if they didn’t have to earn a living, they’d totally walk your dog for free! See, dog walking isn’t one of those things that most people do just to turn a quick buck, but dog walkers are serious animal lovers who are lucky enough to be paid for their passion.

2) We’ll stay longer
You know better than anyone else that your dog is an expert at giving serious puppy eyes that will melt the coldest heart. Sometimes leaving your pup is just as hard for us as it is for them and so we stay a little big longer giving your up some extra attention and love!

3) When you cancel, I get a bit sad
When you have to cancel a walk, us dog’s walker become a little sad, we actually miss your dog! We formed a bit of a bond with your pet and was actually looking forward to the walk as much as your dog was! Not getting to spend this special time with your pup come with a twinge of disappointment.

4) I cheer when your dog goes potty
She’s probably holding it in or maybe she doesn’t know us well enough to drop the deuce. Either way we want your pooch to go potty, especially #2. If we know you won’t be home for another five hours then we’ll do an extra lap around the block to ensure we get the job done. we’ll never charged you for that extra time.

5) Sometimes I cut the walk short
I know, but hear me out. Our scheduled walk happens during the hottest hour of the day and lets face it, this is Texas we’re talking about. We will not force your dog to walk in 100 degree weather until her saliva is foamy. Instead, we’ll find a shady spot to go potty and make sure we stay on the grass to ensure she doesn’t burn her paws. The rest of our walk time is spent playing indoors. (If your pup likes baths, we’ll even run some water for her to cool her paws).